Nay, smile not at my sullen brow;
Alas, I cannot smile again:
Yet Heaven avert that ever thou
Shouldst weep, and haply weep in vain.
And dost thou ask what secret woe
I bear, corroding joy and youth?
And wilt thou vainly seek to know
A pang, ev'n thou must fail to soothe?
What is that worst? Nay, do not ask--
In pity from the search forbear:
Smile on--nor venture to unmask
Man's heart, and view the Hell that's there.




凯旋侯开车时不喜欢听广播,最多跟咒世主出差的时候放点老歌,Kiss is still a kiss in Casablanca,诸如此类。

上司公祭日火化当天晚上,他在家里抽烟,脑子像跳针的唱片一样重复着Kiss is still a kiss,kiss is not a kiss,回过神来时整个客厅烟雾弥漫,黑胶唱片被划出了高亢又尖锐的杂音。他睡了很长很沉的一觉,隔天面对跌停股票与刁钻的董事会依旧是战无不胜的凯旋侯。咒世主打拼了大半辈子的商业帝国被留了下来,要交到魔王子手上却让他犹豫了起来,迟迟没落下签名。